Keep Up to Date on the 2008 US Presidential Election Candidates and Primaries at The Caucus, the New York Times Politics Blog

Here is our tip for a top political blog to follow in this election year….

A great way to keep up on the 2008 US Presidential Election candidates and primaries is (and will be) The Caucus, “The New York Times Politics Blog”. Simply superb.

Even at blogging, it is tough to beat the real pros in the journalistic profession.

Obama : Clothes Make the Man : Harvard Law School Graduate : The Tiger Woods of Politics?

If this is what Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit – a popular voice of the people – thinks …

NOW I’M WATCHING OBAMA’S SPEECH, and before he started talking my first thought was “what a great suit.” What is it, Canali? Brioni? But the speech is good, too.

then you can be sure that millions will have exactly the same impression.

Please note also, however, that Obama is a Harvard Law School graduate, magna cum laude in 1991, and was the first man of color to be editor of the Harvard Law Review.

Is this the coming Tiger Woods of politics?