Wikia Search Launched

Wikia Search launched on January 7, 2008 but it still has a long way to go.

LOTS of criticism, e.g. by Seth Finkelstein.
and TechCrunch (Michael Arrington).

But there are also some positive voices, for example Skrentablog (Rich Skrenta).

Take a look.

Our own opinion is that the rankings feature is thus far a disaster and that Wikia Search should concentrate more on delivering information rather than on evaluating it by quantities. QUALITY is the key measure and quanitities just do not have what it takes. If masses had brains Einstein would have been a community, but he was not. Community effort – OK. Community judging – NO. They lack the competence. This is also a great fault with Google. Just because one million idiots view a page daily does not mean it is good. Quite the contrary, quantity generally means that the lowest common denominator is winning and that IQs of viewers do not break 100.

We also do not like the design and the coloring of the results – obviously copying Google with blue and green – with a blue that is too light and a green that is too pastel. For what reason green is used here at all is a mystery – it is one color feature of Google that we definitely dislike. To make an “alternative” search engine, it has to be an “alternative” and not just a poor copy.

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