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Calling all Law Professionals : Help Bring Debate Back to Urban Schools

As a former champion high-school debater, this one was a natural….

We found the following email in our Facebook mailbox in an account we opened just for fun and which we do not consult regularly, so we may be a bit late in presenting that posting, but better late than never:

“Help bring debate back to urban schools

To members of Law Students Building a Better Legal Profession

8:37pm Dec 21st

Greetings from BBLP,

We thought you might be interested in the following message about how members of the legal profession can support debate in urban schools and other pipeline programs.

Happy Holidays!

This Christmas, a film will hit theaters called “The Great Debaters.” The film is directed by Denzel Washington and stars Washington and Forrest Whittaker. In the film, Denzel, leads a debate team from Wiley College—a Historically Black College in East Texas—which overcomes incredible adversity in the Jim Crow South to beat Harvard University in a national title round.

The National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL), the national leadership organization of the movement to bring debate back to urban schools, has created a website ——to showcase the relationship between urban debate and the film.

The site features information specifically about how lawyers and law students can support and advocate for urban debate as a pipeline to the legal profession. You can also register for the chance to win advance-screening passes to the film in your area!

To learn more about the film or debate and the law, please visit our website: or join our facebook group, The Great Debaters:

The NAUDL is looking to reach as many interested lawyers, law students, and professionals as possible. If you know anyone who would be interested in attending a pre-release screening of “The Great Debaters” or learning more about urban debate, please forward this message along.


And so we are doing.

P.S. See the New York Times review of the film, The Great Debaters.

P.S.S. It is interesting to see how Facebook serves as a platform for people to join various groups. We have thus far joined two.

Evidence and Maya Chronology

It is not often that we are mentioned in the same breath with Faraday and Einstein….

Gary Lawrence Murphy is a very smart man because – as he shows at his blog posting at TeledyN – he is one of very few people out there who recognizes the major evidentiary flaw in the current Maya chronology, which is the apparently inexplicable failure of that chronology to account for passages of Halley’s Comet (Halleys Comet, 1P/Halley, Comet Halley), which visibly visits our planet about every 76 years.

During the days of the Maya, Halley’s Comet in fact passed much closer to the Earth than in our modern era, an event which the Maya would have recorded without doubt, and as we haved alleged – did record – with great fanfare.

The current Maya chronology is wrong, because it does not account for Halley’s Comet. Our revised Maya chronology – based on the evidence – does account for passages of Halley’s comet.

Thus, e.g., the Mayan regal “Great Burning Claw“, who the erring Maya scholars think to be a Mayan “ruler” in 378 A.D., was actually Halley’s Comet in 375 A.D.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take the ensconced Maya scholars to correct their current erroneous chronology, based upon the unassailable evidentiary arguments that we have presented.