Evidence and Maya Chronology

It is not often that we are mentioned in the same breath with Faraday and Einstein….

Gary Lawrence Murphy is a very smart man because – as he shows at his blog posting at TeledyN – he is one of very few people out there who recognizes the major evidentiary flaw in the current Maya chronology, which is the apparently inexplicable failure of that chronology to account for passages of Halley’s Comet (Halleys Comet, 1P/Halley, Comet Halley), which visibly visits our planet about every 76 years.

During the days of the Maya, Halley’s Comet in fact passed much closer to the Earth than in our modern era, an event which the Maya would have recorded without doubt, and as we haved alleged – did record – with great fanfare.

The current Maya chronology is wrong, because it does not account for Halley’s Comet. Our revised Maya chronology – based on the evidence – does account for passages of Halley’s comet.

Thus, e.g., the Mayan regal “Great Burning Claw“, who the erring Maya scholars think to be a Mayan “ruler” in 378 A.D., was actually Halley’s Comet in 375 A.D.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take the ensconced Maya scholars to correct their current erroneous chronology, based upon the unassailable evidentiary arguments that we have presented.

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