Second Life and Real Law in the Virtual World : Lawyers as Avatars

We ran across Real Law in the Virtual World, an article by at California Lawyer Magazine, where they have a write-up (right column) about a lawyer who is an avatar in Second Life plus other interesting things.

Congress and Innovation : Two Views on Patents Collide in Pending Patent Legislation

Via the open Law@Stanford Newsletter of February, 2008, we were alerted to Two Views of Innovation, Colliding in Washington by John Markoff at the New York Times, which quotes Stanford Law Prof Mark Lemley on pending Congressional patent legislation as follows:

“I have to say I’m frankly astonished that apportionment has been this controversial,” said Mark A. Lemley, an intellectual-property scholar at Stanford who has testified in support of the legislation. “I can’t think of a straight-faced argument that you as a patent owner are entitled to more than your invention has contributed to a product.”

Markoff’s article is well worth a read to get a feeling for the issues involved in today’s patent world.