"Black" Obama as a World Phenomenon

To the same degree that Obama’s race is most certainly playing less-and-less a role in the American Presidential election as time goes by, his primary campaign successes have lit a fire around the world among the “blacks” of the world.

We have just been reading a February 27, 2008 New York Times article by K.A. Dilday, a columnist for the online magazine Open Democracy, titled Go Back to Black in which the American Dilday of London writes:

When, early on in the race for the Democratic nomination, people wondered if black Americans would vote for Mr. Obama, I never doubted. During the last two years I’ve learned to decipher his name in almost any pronunciation, because on finding out that I’m an American, all other black people I meet, whether they are Arabic-speaking Moroccans in Casablanca, French-speaking African mobile-phone-store clerks in the outer boroughs of Paris, or thickly accented Jamaican black Brits, ask me eagerly about him. Black people all over the world feel a sense of pride in his accomplishment….

Polls show that about 80 percent of blacks who have voted in the Democratic primaries have chosen him. And all of the black people in the mountains of Morocco, the poor suburbs of Paris, the little villages in Kenya and the streets of London are cheering Mr. Obama’s victories because they see him as one of their own.“

Frankly, Obama’s election alone would probably do more to restore the American dream around the world than anything that Obama may ever do in his tenure as President, should he actually be elected.

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