A Vision of Change and the Need for Argument in America : Gerry Spence Says that Without It Our Land is a Wasteland

Gerry Spence, a legend of our time, has just won his last jury trial and is retiring at age 79 as undefeated in his criminal trials.

Gerry Spence, known as “America’s Finest Trial Lawyer“, writes in his book How to Argue and Win Every Time as follows about the American nation:

The art of arguing is the art of living. We argue because we must, because life demands it, because, in the end, life itself is but an argument….

Without argument the nation becomes a wasteland where nothing grows, nothing blooms, nothing is created, nothing lives. Thousands of rusting factories across the land, millions of unemployed, the wholesale abdication of our nation’s industry to foreign lands, the mindless destruction of our natural resources, the decline of our education system, the slums, the crowded concrete cages we call penitentiaries, the disintegration of our justice system, the moral decay we so fervently protest—all affirm the critical need of our leaders, our employers, our educators, and our people to make and to hear our arguments, and to receive from each other the gifts we have withheld.

A vision of change is a necessary argument for the improvement of America.

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