A Shambolic Woolly Paper : Baroness Murphy at Lords of the Blog Draws a Bead on Lord Chancellor Jack Straw and his Proposals for Lords Reform

Imagine if someone called one of your written projects “shambolic”.

What would it mean?

Baroness Murphy of the UK House of Lords at Lords of the Blog in her posting Laws are Like Sausages? did just that a few days ago to Jack Straw, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, calling his White Paper proposals for Lords reforma shambolic woolly paper”.

It certainly sounds like something one would not like one’s work to be called.

What did Straw write? The BBC tells us:

Under the proposals most, if not all peers, would be elected and serve terms of between 12 and 15 years.

The Lords would be reduced in size from more than 700 peers to no more than 450. The bishops would stay, but the 92 hereditary peers would be abolished.

Such a reform, if promulgated, is viewed as the virtual abolition of the House of Lords by some.

See the definition of shambolic here.
And woolly is not an appellation of endearment either.

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