Top 100 Most Prestigious Law Firms in the World According to

[This posting has been updated from a previous version.] has just published its annual list
of the Top 100 Most Prestigious Law Firms,
as determined by the associate survey.

Our former law firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, which, in our opinion, remains the top litigation, telecommunications and entertainment law firm in the country, remained at the same overall 13th spot – in the eyes of the surveyed law associates everywhere – that it held last year.

The rest of the Top 100 can be viewed at
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There are other Guides as well, such as these:

Vault Guide to the Top New York law firms:
Vault Guide to the Top Boston & Northeast Law Firms
Vault Guide to the Top Chicago & Midwest Law Firms

Vault Guide to the Top Washington, DC Law Firms
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The Million Dollar Blawg : Calculate the Value of Your Weblog with Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Blog Worth Calculator

Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog has a blog valuation service – the Blog Worth Calculator – whereby you merely plug in the respective URL and it calculates the value of almost any blog based on “Data from Technorati and inspired by research from Tristan Louis. Photo CC by Cmiper.” The valuation is made on a “link to dollar ratio” based on Louis Tristan’s Doing the numbers on the AOL-WeblogsInc deal.

We now apply the Blog Worth Calculator to a specific selection of blogs on the Internet.

The Million Dollar Blawg
is a near tossup between the Volokh Conspiracy, valued (today) at $1,300,135.62
and the Lessig Blog, valued at $1,243,681.62.

The Wall Street Journal Online Law Blog is stretching toward the million threshold value at $885,763.26 while Balkinization trails at $732,208.38 followed by Instapundit at a value of $597,283.32.

But these are mere valuation lightweights compared to popular political, technological or homespun mass media blogs such as these below (values are subject to change, day to day):

Business Opportunities Weblog – $2,832,297.18 (this amount conflicts with blog’s own widget)
Gawker – $3,929,762.94
Official Google Blog – $4,713,909.00
Seth Godin – $4,802,541.78
Gigazine (ギガジン) 携帯電話を無線LANルーター化してFONのアクセスポイントにできるソフトウェアが登場 – $5,516,120.34
Smashing Magazine – $5,686,046.88
Daily Kos – $5,757,178.92
ReadWriteWeb – $5,963,236.02
Mashable – $6,204,294.60
icanhascheezburger – $6,672,298.26
Ars Technica – $8,185,830.00
Lifehacker – $8,918,602.92
Tech Crunch – $12,785,701.92
Engadget – $11,516,616.00
and, the champion under all blogs,
The Huffington Post – $15,457,669.74

– at least we were unable to find any blog that was valued higher than that:
update, unless one values the worth of Bloglines – $27,878,678.82,
but that is not really a pure blog but rather a blog service)

– using the Blog Worth Calculator, we could not, however, get values for sites like e.g. Gizmodo, Boing Boing, NYT Caucus Blog)

More on this topic at Susan Gunelius, Have You Calculated Your Blog’s Worth?

Networking for the Legal Profession + Ways to Get Wild About Work, Increase Energy, Raise Kids & Improve the Environment, Reducing a Family Footprint

Building a Solo Practice has a posting titled Networking for Shy Lawyers, linking to 25 posts as compiled by the M.A.P. Maker on networking for shy people.

DO LOOK at both those websites.

Building a Solo Practice by Susan Cartier Liebel is very popular among solo practitioners

while M.A.P. Maker Curt Rosengren is a self-named Passion Catalyst

who has written a book aptly titled 101 Ways to Get Wild About Work
and links to blogs like Organicasm
which posts about things like
69 Natural Ways to Increase Your Energy

or (to improve family life after days in the office)
Go Green Early: 100 Tips, Resources, and Networks for Raising Kids the Environmentally-Friendly Way

or (to do your share to improve the environment)
Consumption Culture: 50 Easy Ways to Curtail Your Family’s Footprint

Our favorite in that last list is number 41,
which applies to nearly EVERYONE,
as a means to do a little bit against climate change:
Travel light:
Whenever possible,
walk or bike instead of taking your car.