Networking for the Legal Profession + Ways to Get Wild About Work, Increase Energy, Raise Kids & Improve the Environment, Reducing a Family Footprint

Building a Solo Practice has a posting titled Networking for Shy Lawyers, linking to 25 posts as compiled by the M.A.P. Maker on networking for shy people.

DO LOOK at both those websites.

Building a Solo Practice by Susan Cartier Liebel is very popular among solo practitioners

while M.A.P. Maker Curt Rosengren is a self-named Passion Catalyst

who has written a book aptly titled 101 Ways to Get Wild About Work
and links to blogs like Organicasm
which posts about things like
69 Natural Ways to Increase Your Energy

or (to improve family life after days in the office)
Go Green Early: 100 Tips, Resources, and Networks for Raising Kids the Environmentally-Friendly Way

or (to do your share to improve the environment)
Consumption Culture: 50 Easy Ways to Curtail Your Family’s Footprint

Our favorite in that last list is number 41,
which applies to nearly EVERYONE,
as a means to do a little bit against climate change:
Travel light:
Whenever possible,
walk or bike instead of taking your car.

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