Understand the Present Financial Crisis by Peering into the Past : Archaeology Websearch Blog : Digging the Internet

You can’t live by law alone.

To fully understand the current financial crisis, it is instructive to peer into the past to see that the ups and downs of civilization are part of a process that has been going on for millennia.

For those of our readers interested in the history of mankind,
we have developed the

Archaeology Websearch Blog : Digging the Internet

as a specialized webtool for searching the Internet
in the areas of ancient history, archaeology, and anthropology,
broadly defined.

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the Archaeology Websearch Blog
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Stressed? Archaeology Travel Photos Might Give You Ideas for a Cultural Vacation

This is a slide show of the Archaeology Travel Photos group at Flickr, which as of this date is approaching 1000 members who have uploaded nearly 12000 photos from around the world. We have no control over the photos, but many of them are outstanding photos of archaeological sites by vacationing photographers.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Archaeology Travel Photos was founded by Andis Kaulins, also the founder of this blawg.