Barack Obama and the German American Connection : States having a Plurality of German Ancestry and Higher Median Family Income gave Obama the Vote

President-Elect Barack Obama‘s election as US President is based strongly on winning most of the States having a plurality of German American inhabitants, who, as the following maps show, helped to put Obama into the White House come Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009.

We posted the following map at Blawg Review #180, a map taken from the US Census 2000 which shows all the counties in America. Those in light blue color have a plurality of inhabitants claiming German ancestry.

That map (with a couple of Midwestern exceptions) matches two other maps which we previously published on LawPundit showing the year 2008 Presidential Election results (here updated at CNN, November 7) with McCain winning States having LOWER median family income and Obama winning States having HIGHER median family income (note also that those States having a plurality of African-American inhabitants – colored dark purple above – almost all went to McCain and not to Obama.):

(Green=Higher Income, Blue=Lower Income)

CNN MAP of 2008 Presidential Election Results 7 Nov. 2008
(blue=Obama, red= McCain, grey=battleground States not yet 100% decided, but see)

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