What Do Europeans Really Care About? Google Searches as Measured in the Individual Member Countries by the EU Observer Monthly Top 10

EU Observer has a new feature by which they produce a monthly EU Observer list via Google Zeitgeist of the Top 10 percentage spikes in Google searches in the EU, which, as the EU Observer writes, “allows small countries such as Finland and Austria to figure in the results, if an event prompted a sudden surge in interest.

The top ten so weighted searches in October, 2008 in the EU were:


  1. HALLOWEEN: American style “trick or treating” swept Europe on 31 October.
  2. VAALIKONE: Finns searched election website in municipal elections on 26 October.
  3. ICESAVE: UK subsidiary of Iceland’s Landisbanki declared bankruptcy.
  4. SUPRENALOTTO: Italy’s lottery site swept when Sicilian suburb won €100 million.
  5. KENZA FARAH: The French R&B singer was hurt in a car accident on 13 October.
  6. FALLOUT 3: This nuclear simulation game was launched on 16 October.
  7. PES 2009: The Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 video game was released.
  8. X FACTOR: The UK’s hit reality show drew record audiences in October.
  9. AC DC: The Australian band released its new album Black Ice on 20 October.
  10. MAM TALENT: The Polish version of the television show “I Have Talent!”.

Take a look. There IS a big world out there, beyond our own neighborhoods. Stay informed.