The Apple iPhone Patent and the Voice of the People at Slashdot : The Patenting of Human Gestures is a Colossal USPTO Error

So the clueless USPTO has now approved Apple’s 358-page iPhone patent application.

Methods for entering data with your fingers (at the snap of a finger?) have been patented as “touch gestures”, and similar nonsense.

Did someone say something about human Language and Gesture?
How about the Apple Multi-Touch Gesture Language?
The patenting of a language? Surely you jest.

Read the comments to the granting of the Apple iPhone patent at Slashdot. It is the voice of the people on patents. We have little to add.

Apple has every right to patent its iPhone as produced.
It has no right to patent human gestures. NONE.

Most tools of mankind are operated one way or the other by human hand (and fingers, and touch). No one has any right to lay a patent claim to any of those gestures or human movement, for any purpose, and not in combination with any product.

That is not a law of the USA.
That is a law of mankind.

When will the USPTO ever learn?