New York Times on Tiger Woods includes LawPundit Posting on Woods at the Obama Inauguration in its Headlines on the Web : plus Why Tiger wins Majors

Today’s February 8, 2009 edition of the New York Times in Times Topics features an article on Tiger Woods and includes a LawPundit posting on Tiger Woods at the Inauguration of new U.S. President Barack Obama in that NYT page’s Headlines on the Web. As written there:

Blogrunner automatically monitors news articles and blog posts and tracks news events as they develop across the Web. Blogrunner alerts you to topics that are frequently linked to and commented upon. The publications tracked by Blogrunner are chosen by New York Times editors.” [Blogrunner links added by LawPundit]

Here is a scan of just the left half of that NY Times page, reduced in size, and with our red circular mark showing the LawPundit inclusion. Since we regard the New York Times to be the world’s best newspaper, and given that we are a golf club champion in our own right, we are of course pleased to be included. If you are a golfer yourself, you might be interested to go to that New York Times page and check out some interesting statistics as to why Tiger wins so many majors (examine the graphs below the heading Multimedia).

Evidence and the History of Writing : The Phaistos Disc and Old Elamite Scripts

This is the power point presentation that I gave on 31 October 2008 at the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE PHAISTOS DISK on the 100th anniversary of its discovery in 1908 by the Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier. Conference location: Society of Antiquaries, London, Burlington House, Piccadilly. Organisation and sponsorship: Minerva, the International Review of Ancient Art & Archaeology, Jerome M. Eisenberg, Ph.D., editor.

Phaistos Disc and Elamite Final 30 October 2008 ppt

Sally Hartley of Lincolnshire in England sings "Make you feel my love" and "All that Jazz" : A Singer at Events, Functions and Weddings in the UK

Looking for a singer with a nice voice to sing at an event, function or wedding in the UK?

In the following two videos Sally Hartley sings “Make you feel my love” and “All that Jazz”. She is based in Lincolnshire, England. For enquiries or booking info contact

Make you feel my love

All that Jazz