The Origin of the Cult of Horus in Predynastic Egypt : The Falcon was the Symbol of the Pharaohs on Earth & in Heaven – As Above, So Below

The so-called “Followers of Horus” were the people who first occupied Egypt and who created Pharaonic Civilization, starting in the predynastic era. Horus, the Pharaonic falcon, was not only their “God of the Heavens” but also served as the symbol of the first Pharaonic kings, the Pharaohs, and their predecessors.

The predynastic period of the falcon cult is testified to by many predynastic “falcon serekhs” (serekh = king’s name enclosure) in Egypt, all originating from the period about 3300 to 3100 BC.

The interpretation of the names of Egyptian kings has been a point of dispute among Egyptologists for quite some time. Our discovery that the Horus falcon marked heaven’s celestial pole in predynastic Egypt shows that the Horus names of the Egyptian kings were astronomical in nature. These names of kings were written below the falcon in the serekh and claimed certain heavenly stellar regions for the king. These heavenly regions basically correspond to the modern Zodiac in principle. The Horus names were therefore a type of calendar of kings. Using that calendar, one can determine the reigns of the early Pharaonic kings astronomically.
The Origin of the Cult of Horus in Predynastic Egypt DOC

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