London by Night, From the Air : Fantastic Aerial Photography by Jason Hawkes

Jason Hawkes was the photographer for the memorable publication Prehistoric Britain from the Air, by Janet & Colin Bord, one of the most prized books in my personal library, which was instrumental in my writing of Stars Stones and Scholars, the cover of which is found in the right column of this LawPundit blog.

Hawkes recently outdid himself, creating a series of stunning aerial night photographs of London, England, UK.

These photographs have been reproduced at, the website of The Boston Globe, and are also found at the website of Jason Hawkes.

Hat tip to clipmarks
and the clipper benben1.

Other citations to Jason Hawkes and his photographic art are:
– slide show of the London photographs

BBC – Jason Hawkes’ Photography – see the slide show of the London photos

CR Blog – with a link to a site showing a photo of the Eurocopter Twin Squirrel helicopter type used to get the photographer where he needed to be for the photography

The blog Aerial Photographs by Jason Hawkes – where Hawkes talks about how he got into this line of work, and also about helicopters, the strictly enforced heli-routes in London and the technical requirements for the camera and gyroscopes which can be used for this kind of shooting

Flickr – Jason Hawkes

Books by and involving Jason Hawkes photography

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