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Russian Law Online, operated by The Legal Communications Ltd. in Edinburgh, Scotland, offers the top Russian legal news stories, a law newsletter, and an Encyclopedia of Russian Law.

The ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RUSSIAN LAW at that website covers the following topics, each of which is divided into further subtopics:
Russian Law in General, Joint Stock Companies, Employment, Pension and Welfare, Personal Income Tax, Unified Social Tax, Forms of Doing Business, Partnerships, Intellectual Property, International Arbitration, Domestic Arbitration, Corporate Income Tax, Limited Liability Companies, Insolvency, Competition, The Court System, Indirect Taxes, Regional Taxes on Companies, Simplified Taxation for Small Businesses, and Currency Regulation.

For example, here are the links provided under the heading “Intellectual Property”:

Copyright and neighbouring rights
IP rights: Infringement
Trademarks, service marks, and appellation of origin of goods

Russian Law Online looks like a very useful website for institutions, corporations, private businesses and attorneys dealing with Russia and Russian law.