The Six Pillars of Russian Strength in the Current Economic Crisis as Analyzed at

Lauren Goodrich and Peter Zeihan at have created a nice piece on Russia titled The Financial Crisis and the Six Pillars of Russian Strength, which are: Geography, Politics, Social System, Natural Resources, Military and Intelligence. Read the informative article in full at (Global Intelligence).

Managing Mortgage Market Malaise : Cringely to the Rescue : Recent Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Increase Suggests a Market Upturn

For those dealing with the current credit and mortgage situation, Robert X. Cringely’s
Cringely’s Mortgage Blog
looks like an enthusiastic and upscale place to keep up on economic developments.

We are also taken by his general blog I, Cringely, where his most recent posting, And a Network Engineer Shall Lead Them, suggests that the flux of Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs) might be a market indicator, for the reasons he discusses in detail, and that a market upturn may be in the offing, since the number of CCIEs has recently increased rapidly.

Top Ten Spas in the World : The Telegraph includes Traben-Trarbach’s Five-Star Parkschloesschen in their Elite List

The Telegraph today put out their list of the Top 10 spas in the world, under the heading Ultratravel’s top ten life-changing spas. Their selection included the Parkschlösschen in Traben-Trarbach, which, in spite of its relatively secluded location in Germany, is only two hours by plane+car from London or Frankfurt, and caters inter alia to an international English-speaking clientele. The LawPundit is domiciled in Traben-Trarbach and so we mention this here.

The Telegraph writes about their selections:

Spas that really make a difference are a luxury worth indulging in. Adriaane Pielou selects ten of the best – from city spas with angel-fingered facialists to exotic getaways that retune you, inside and out.

The Parkschlösschen was selected as the best of all for a serious detox.

Read Adriaane Pielou’s related article at the Telegraph:

Ayurvedic spas: Detox is a girl’s best friend