What are the Best Blogs for Law Librarians? Online University Lowdown Focuses on the Importance of the Law Librarian in its Selection of the Best 50

We taught legal research in the Trier Law School FFA program for a number of years and remain convinced that research is the bread and butter of the legal profession. You have to know or be able to find the law. Often it is the latter.

Understandably, law libraries and law librarians remain as indispensable as ever.

Online University Lowdown has published its list of the 50 Best Blogs for Law Librarians.

Covered in that list of 50 are:

  • University Law Library Blogs
  • Law Librarian Blogs
  • Legal Research Blogs

LawPundit Mentioned in the New York Times Topics : Yuan News

Our previous LawPundit posting, How Much is the Dollar Worth? Past U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s (FDR) First Inaugural Address Shows why Greed Kills : Also in $$-Rich China, was mentioned in the New York Times Topics, the Yuan News of May 25, 2009, under the rubric “Headlines Around the Web” (we have added the red circle around the LawPundit link). Take a look at that NY Times website page, which has numerous links to stories about the Chinese currency, the Chinese Yuan, and especially its relation to the U.S. Dollar and the balance of trade.