U.S. BEA Commerce Department GDP Economic Report Shows only a ca. 5.7 % drop in the USA in the 1st Quarter of 2009 : BETTER than previous estimates

The Commerce Department GDP Economic Report just released (May 29, 2009) by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) shows an expected drop in U.S. GDP, but the data are better than previous estimates. You can read the Report below or go to the full screen link at Docstoc.com.

Commerce Department GDP Economic Report 2009 1Q
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who writes at his blog, Standing in Europe:

My advice to CNN and other major news networks are simple – do some positive segments. There are some segments of the economy that are hiring – such as healthcare, government, financial regulation (FDIC, SEC), cleantech and a handful of others. Specifically, how about doing an interview or segment on a laid off auto worker from Detroit who is now in nursing school and will have GUARANTEED employment when they graduate? Or the IT manager who lost his job but is now doing government IT consulting? This stuff is happening every day and it’s being reported on, but it never makes headlines because it’s not glamorous. On one hand, more people are losing jobs than being hired right now, resulting in a net loss – but why not give people a little hope and practical advice by showing them what to do to bounce back? To change careers? To retrain? (If these segments are being run regularly I’d love to know about them)

and in a previous posting, writes about the very futuristic:
IPv6 – The Future of the Internet
(by Areg Bagdasarian, Caryn Golub, George Granados, Sapna Sharma and Rimas Silkaitis)