Andis Kaulins from the USA in Germany (LawPundit) is no near relation to Andis Kaulins from Canada in Wuxi China or to Andis Kaulins in Talsi Latvia

Most people think because of the rarity of the name Andis Kaulins that there can be only one person on Earth with that name – and this mistaken assumption has already led several times online to very unfortunate cases of mistaken identity and other difficulties.

In fact, there are at least THREE verified Andis Kaulins out there on Planet Earth, and there may be more. The problem is exacerbated since Andis Kaulins is a Latvian origin name and Latvians often do not have middle names, which can make differentiation more difficult.

Andis Kaulins – the LawPundit – grew up in the USA, went to Stanford Law School, was an associate with Paul Weiss et al. in New York City and is now domiciled in Germany, co-authoring an English-German business, commerce and finance dictionary for Langenscheidt and doing freelance legal work, e.g., for the European Commission. Last year this Andis Kaulins won the men’s championship at his golf club at age 61. He is also the author of the book Stars Stones and Scholars. That is me – the writer of this LawPundit blog.

There is also a different Andis Kaulins in Wuxi, China who teaches English there and labels his MySpace website Andis Kaulins in China. He hails from Canada and is no near relation of mine, though it is likely that we are somehow related back in distant time, as I presume that the few Kaulins clans in Latvia are related genetically. To my knowledge, I have never met this Andis Kaulins.

There is also an Andis Kaulins with a phone number in Talsi, Latvia, who appears from the little online information available to me to still be a recruit at a police academy. He is no near relation of mine, though it is likely through the surname Kaulins that we are somehow related back in distant time. I have never met this Andis Kaulins.

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