Twitter and the Matter of Twitter-User Hijacked Names : What about the Names of Law Firms ?

Martha Neil at the ABA Journal Legal Technology Law News Now in her July 17, 2009 article asks

Did BigLaw Snag Twitter Usernames, or Were They ‘Twitterjacked’?

citing to a Legal Blog Watch posting by guest blogger Bruce Carton, “editor of Securities Docket, an online publication that tracks securities litigation and enforcement developments on a global basis.

We posted previously about Twitter as a service that is prospering in part because its users are apparently permitted by the Twitter management to “hijack” trademarked names of reputable companies, organizations and individuals and to use them as “their” Twitter names.


Twitter and Trademark Infringement : LawPundit Trademark Stolen at Twitter : LawPundit Responds by Registering Name EvanEvWilliams : Tit for Tat

The Trademarked LawPundit Name has been Stolen at Twitter which is Criminally Abetting Identity Theft : Here is our Complaint to Twitter

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