Germany’s Top PC Mag Computer Bild Tests the Browsers : Mozilla Firefox Wins, Google Chrome 2nd, Opera 3rd, Apple Safari 4th, Internet Explorer 5th

Computer Bild, Germany’s most popular PC magazine with a biweekly circulation of close to 750,000, in its latest issue (20/2009, 14 September 2009) put the five top Internet browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer) through 30 hours of performance tests and examined the programs from other parameters as well, coming up with the following test ratings, based upon a system in which 1 is the best score and 6 is the worst:

  • Mozilla Firefox Version 3.5.2 – Overall rating 1.87 “good” – Ranked Number 1 (Test Winner)
  • Google Chrome Version – Overall rating 2.22 “good” – Ranked Number 2
  • Opera Version 10.00 – Overall rating 2.38 “good” – Ranked Number 3
  • Apple Safari 4.0.3 for Windows – Overall rating 2.50 “satisfactory” – Ranked Number 4
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.6001 – Overall rating 3.17 “satisfactory” – Ranked Number 5

The amazing thing is that in spite of its being by far the worst browser of the five top browsers examined, nearly 2/3 of Internet users in Germany (65.1%) use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, while the clearly superior Mozilla Firefox browser is used by only 28.8% of all users.

We call this the 2/3 majority rule, i.e. if two-thirds of the general – and often uninformed – populace are in the majority on any given topic, they are – objectively measured – most likely in the wrong. That is one of democracy’s greatest problems – the tyranny of uninformed majorities.