National Health Insurance : The Reality of Need

An old friend of mine who suffered a massive stroke this past March writes as follows at his blog:

I know what it’s like to need an insurance card to get help. Boy, that changes everything. When you’re experiencing a painful, maybe life threatening event, all you want is help. You don’t think about politics or what the media has to say. All you want is help, fast.

And that requires buckets full of cash. Or an insurance card.

Let’s make it so no one will ever be denied care again. If not for your own sake, then for your human brothers and sisters. You can effect change just by adjusting your attitude.

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Every industrialized country in the world has some form of national health insurance, except for the United States, where the status of health – as also the health care of citizens – is on average lower than in comparably industrialized nations. Obviously, any national health insurance program has to be controlled and monitored carefully to avoid abuse, but that is a completely different issue than the question of necessity, about which there can not be much serious doubt.