Limited-Edition Design Sneakers are the Status Symbols of Choice : CNN : Sneakerheads pay big bucks for rare kicks : Shoes and More

Do you know any young lawyers who wear “design” sneakers to the office? There may be a good reason. Limited-edition design sneakers are status symbols of choice among many young people.

See ‘Sneakerheads’ pay big bucks for rare kicks at

“kicks” is jargon for “shoes”

In part because of what has been labeled “the Great Magazine Die-Off of 2009“,
online websites and bloggers dominate this market.
See AdWeek’s “Sneakerheads Rule“.

Web frontrunners include such websites as and Sneakerhead, plus also more general fashion websites that concentrate big on sneakers such as HypeBeast or UBIQ Life.

The Complex Sneakers Blog is probably the most popular blog in this field, but we warn you of the many pictures and videos of pinup girls. I personally checked out the site – all in the interest of our readers, of course – and everything looks to be hunky dory.

Other blog and website examples in this field are:

First Pullover



sneakers Collected

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