Trying to Figure Out Twitter? How About Real-Time Information to or from Anyone, Anywhere in the World – and YOU Choose your Information Partners

We missed Twitter at the beginning, thinking it to be an application for the teenies.

At, Steven Levy, in the online version of an article from the December printed issue of Wired UK magazine, asks:

How will Twitter grow up?

What is remarkable and what Levy particularly emphasizes is that the application of Twitter to real life has been greatly formed by the users, who did not limit themselves to the original Twitter question of “What are you doing today?”, but have taken Twitter to a new dimension, such that Facebook, Google and everyone else are falling all over themselves to integrate Twitter with their own services.

For those of you trying to figure out Twitter and wondering whether it will last, consider that Twitter at its foundation is real-time “headline” information – to or from – anyone, anywhere on the globe, and YOU decide who your information partners are. You can’t beat that.

The number of possible practical applications to the various facets of life is immense. Immense.

For example, take a look at the @Scobleizer lists.

Or think of making your own Twitter list of all your favorite twittering restaurants or hotels or whatever and consulting that list when deciding where to go out for lunch or to dine in the evening or whatever else it is you want to do.