CNN II: Can the law keep up with technology? –

And more from … (one should really read the whole article) – Can the law keep up with technology? – “It is the challenge of ‘a world without anonymity,’ said Jeffrey Rosen, a law professor at George Washington University, who has written extensively about privacy and the law. He is also the legal affairs editor at The New Republic.

‘One thing that privacy protects is the ability not to be judged out of context on the basis of isolated snippets of information rather than genuine knowledge,’ he said.

So if the law were to catch up to technology, could it actually remedy these situations?

Rosen believes the law can only act on society’s consensus.

‘The law is only good at policing the most extreme invasions and the most outrageous cases,’ he said. ‘It can’t take the place of good manners, social norms and etiquette — the kind of thing that has always governed negotiations about face-to-face behavior.

‘We should never expect that the judges are going to save us from our own worst impulses.'”

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