LawPundit at New York Times Topics Organizations : Headlines Around the Web on December 1, 2009 : Punitive Damages and U.S. Supreme Court Standards

The New York Times picked up our previous LawPundit parody posting on the U.S. Supreme Court’s standard on punitive damages and its application to a concrete case by the California Supreme Court – a link to that posting currently appears on the NYTimes U.S. Supreme Court page as follows (we have added the red arrow and circle):

We have appeared in these headlines before, but as experience shows, we can be quickly replaced as time marches on and new postings replace the old ones, so be nimble and quick.

Note that we previously posted at length at LawPundit about the abuse of punitive damages in the courts. See US Supreme Court Vacates Absurd Punitive Damages Award in Oregon Tobacco Case : What American Law Should Learn from European Law.

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