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Social Media in 2009 : Video

Check out this video:

Video: 2009 in social media

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Facebook and Privacy : FTC complaint says Facebook’s privacy changes are deceptive

Facebook faces an FTC complaint. As headlined by Jacqui Cheng at ars technica: FTC complaint says Facebook’s privacy changes are deceptive. The suit involves EPIC – the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Cheng writes:

The basic premise of the complaint is that most users either don’t understand the changes they are being prompted to make, or that the changes are so complex that even experienced users are confused by them.

Copyright Law : Google Books : Google is sued by Chinese author Mian Mian, China’s Literary Wild Child : Sex Drugs Rock & Roll

Everybody is now getting into the act of suing search engines for including scanned excerpts of their books in search results. See, for example:

BBC News – Google is sued by Chinese author Mian Mian

My own book, Stars, Stones and Scholars is found at Google Books and I am very pleased about it, since it makes that book much more accessible to millions of potential readers. Indeed, links are offered to major online booksellers where the book can be purchased. Below is a scan of the front cover website page at Google Books of Stars Stones and Scholars by Andis Kaulins:

People who are interested in the book’s amazing subject matter buy the book.

European Union EU approves Microsoft ballot screen for choice of browsers

The European Union (EU) has approved a Microsoft ballot screen for choosing web browsers.

As Peter Sayer writes at PCAdvisor.co.uk:

The EU has accepted Microsoft’s ‘ballot screen’ offer, which will allow Windows users to choose the web browser they want, ending the commission’s antitrust investigation.”