Entrepreneur Mark Cuban at "blog maverick" asks : Should the FCC Reclaim Broadcast Spectrum ? and tells us that Success is all about "the edge":

We just put up two tweets at @law_pundit (@law_pundit) on Twitter referencing two blog postings by entrepreneur Mark Cuban at his blog maverick blog.

Want to be #successful? #Success is all about … “the #edge“. Love the game. Mark #Cuban on the #Sport of #Business http://bit.ly/85AEZy

Should the #FCC Reclaim #Broadcast #Spectrum ? Mark #Cuban at #blog #maverick http://bit.ly/5ZG3Tr #broadcasting #spectrum #bandwidth

These posts show how different the thinking of an entrepreneur is from the average norm. We know several exceedingly successful entrepreneurs, and they all show similarities.

LawPundit at Headlines Around the Web at the New York Times

The New York Times in its Headlines Around the Web featured LawPundit twice yesterday (we have clipped the pages and added the red circles)

once for our posting about Paul Krugman’s article Learning From Europe

and a second time for our posting on the AP article Law and Music on Hold – Josipovic Now Heads Croatia – NYTimes.com

A lot of people read the New York Times, because we get a spike each time in our readership when we appear in the NY Times Headlines Around the Web.