The 21st Century Belongs to Women : Half-Day Schools in Germany being replaced by All-Day Schools so that Women can Work

Katrin Beinhold in The Female Factor at the New York Times writes that In Germany, a Tradition Falls, and Women Rise as all-day schooling spreads in a school system traditionally marked by half-day schools:

“This is a taboo we just can’t afford anymore; the country needs women to be able to both work and have children,” said Ursula von der Leyen, the German labor minister. A mother of seven and doctor-turned-politician, she baffles housewives and childless career women alike, not to mention many men in her Christian Democratic Union.

The spread of all-day schooling in Germany, a trend she considers “irreversible,” is a sign of the times, Ms. von der Leyen said in an interview. “The 21st century belongs to women.”

Supreme Court Word of the Day: Orthogonal – News – ABA Journal

Nice article by Debra Cassens Weiss of the ABA Journal on the Supreme Court Word of the Day: Orthogonal, which means “extraneous, at right angles, perpendicular”.

The Supreme Court Justices indicated in oral argument that they may want to use this word in a coming “opinion” or “dissent”.

The world orthogonal stems from ancient Greek mathematics and the Greek language ὀρθός (orthos), meaning “straight”, and γωνία (gonia), meaning “angle”.

To help the Justices keep up in this field of inquiry, we recommend our (alleged) decipherment of the Phaistos Disc, which we claim to be written in Ancient Greek and to contain Euclid’s 5th postulate, which starts out as follows in our decipherment transliteration found at our blog Minoan Culture:

“[SIDE A of the Phaistoc Disc] “Foreseen (are) – as given – standing straight lines (perpendiculars)” – to be constructed (drawn).”.

Law Practice No Longer a Golden Goose?

Alex Williams at the New York Times in No Longer Their Golden Ticket examines the new situation of young lawyers faced with a legal profession enduring its “worst slump in decades”.

Put the PCs in Prison? Computer Crime as a Balance of Technology and Behavioral Science

Steve Lohr at the New York Times in Google Case in China Highlights Gaps in Computer Security writes that:

““Fighting computer crime is a balance of technology and behavioral science, understanding the human dimension of the threat,” said Mr. Stroz, the former F.B.I. agent and security investigator. “There is no law in the books that will ever throw a computer in prison.”” : a BLOCKBUSTER online application to convert and save any website page into a .pdf – for FREE looks like a blockbuster application. You can use it online to convert and save any website page into a .pdf – for FREE. And it works. We ran it on our LawPundit page successfully.

They write at their Twitter page:


48 hours online and 22,000 people have visited. That’s a lot of people. Plus a Japanese mention:

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