WIPO Uniform Domain Resolution Policy (UDRP) : 1500+ Domain Names Transferred to IHG Intercontinental Hotels Group in Single Ruling

Over 1,500 domain names handed to hotels group in single ruling | Pinsent Masons LLP Out-Law.com

“The single case, heard by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)’s arbitration centre, transferred 1,519 domain names to the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)….

For a domain name to be transferred by WIPO a brand owner has to show that the name is identical or confusingly similar to terms that it has rights to; that the person who owns it has no rights to the domain name; and that it was registered and is being used in bad faith.”

Review of Linguatec Personal Translator Professional, Version 14 – Automatic Translation in Seven Different Language Pairs for Home and Office

Personal Translator Version 14 from Linguatec is the new product from the market leader for automatic translations. Such technologically advanced personal translation software is a welcome addition to any software library of useful tools, whether this be in the home or at the office.

Take a look at this flash video in English, explaining how Personal Translator works.

Personal Translator 14 offers seven different language pairs for translation:

  • German ↔ English
  • German ↔ French
  • English ↔ French
  • English ↔ Italian
  • English ↔ Portuguese (BR)
  • English ↔ Spanish
  • English ↔ Chinese

There are three single user versions:
Standard (€49), Advance (€99), and Professional (€249),

Personal Translator 14 Standard, Advanced and Professional

and two corporate solutions:
Net (€799), and Intranet (€4975).

Personal Translator 14 Net and Intranet

All desktop solutions are downloadable in the Linguatec online shop.

Take a look at the following version comparison to discover which version might suit your particular needs, taking into account especially the special features – which differ by version:

1. SmartAnalyse™, 2. SmartCorrect™, 3. SmartLookup™, 4. SmartMemory™including a TMX converter for use with other translation memory software (e.g. TRADOS®) , 5. Neural transfer, 6. Automatic selection, 7. Automatic recognition, 8. Revised and updated dictionary, 9. Look-up of inflected forms, 10. Direct link to Wikipedia, 11. Integrated specialist terminology, 12. Business English translation archive, 13. Dictionary of idioms, 14. Expandable dictionary, 15. Creation of extended word definitions, 16. Exporting/importing, 17. XML export/import function, 18. integrated word processor, 19. opening and saving of Word (.doc) and PDF documents, 20. Integrated web browser, 21. Microsoft Office integration, 22. Batch translation, 23. Natural-sounding voice output and 24. Expansion options.

Translation in 7 languages ok ok ok ok
SmartAnalyse™ ok ok ok ok
ok ok ok
SmartLookup™ ok ok ok ok
SmartMemory™ ok ok
Neural transfer
ok ok ok ok
Automatic selection
ok ok ok ok
Automatic recognition ok ok
Revised and updated dictionary 1,8 Mio 2,4 Mio 3,8 Mio 3,8 Mio
Look-up inflected forms
ok ok ok ok
Direct link to Wikipedia ok ok ok ok
Integrated specialist terminology ok ok
Business English translation archive ok ok
Dictionary of idioms
ok ok
Expandable dictionary ok ok ok
Creation of extended word definitions
ok ok
Exporting/importing ok ok ok
Extended XML export/import function ok ok
Word processing and working environment
Internal word processor
ok ok ok ok
Opening and saving of Word (.doc) and PDF documents ok ok
Integrated web browser for translating web pages ok ok ok ok
Microsoft Office integration ok ok
Batch translation ok ok
Natural-sounding voice output with new TTS technology
ok ok
Expansion options (programmes not included)
German-English specialist dictionaries ok ok ok
PT Net network solution ok

What about the quality of translation?

I am someone who has used translation software regularly over the years, and I can honestly say that automatic translation is still not perfect. But then again, human translation is also not perfect. The conversion of one language to another is an extremely complex task. That so much progress has already been made in translation technology – in spite of the formidable limitations that software translation programmes must surmount – is astounding.

Here is that same text translated into German by Personal Translator Version 14:

Ich bin jemand, der über die Jahre Übersetzungssoftware regelmäßig verwendet hat, und ich kann ehrlich sagen, dass automatische Übersetzung immer noch nicht perfekt ist. Aber menschliche Übersetzung ist dann wieder auch nicht perfekt. Die Umwandlung der einen Sprache in einen anderen ist eine äußerst komplexe Aufgabe. Dass so viel Fortschritt schon in Übersetzungstechnik trotz der ungeheuren Beschränkungen gemacht worden ist, die Softwareübersetzungsprogramme überwinden müssen, ist erstaunlich.

No translation software on the market replaces human translation entirely, as humans are required to fine tune raw automatic translations, but software as good as Personal Translator 14 helps to reduce translation workloads and thus to save time and money for business enterprises.

Morevoer, for professional translators, starting with the Professional version, Personal Translator 14 has SmartMemory™, which intelligently archives and recalls previously translated (and edited) sentences and also includes a TMX converter for use with other translation memory software such as the widely used TRADOS®.

What other advantages does Personal Translator offer?

  1. Excellent translation quality
  2. Fault-tolerant
    Automatic correction of spelling mistakes…..
  3. Global communication: 7 language pairs
  4. Intelligent context analysis
  5. Huge dictionaries
  6. Individual adaptability
  7. Business English
  8. High quality voice Output
  9. High data security
  10. Great for saving time
    A study by the Fraunhofer Institute has found that using the Personal Translator can help you save over 40% time.
  11. Certified for Windows 7
    The certification for Windows 7 guarantees that the Personal Translator meets standards that make it particularly user-friendly and easy to use. Compatible with 32 and 64 bit processors.

Please note that we obtain a complimentary review copy of Personal Translator Pro 14 for writing this review.