Future EU Personal Data Protection and Privacy Laws to Target Social Media : Facebook, Twitter, Myspace et al.

Leigh Phillips at the EUobserver in New EU laws to target Facebook writes that:

“[T]he European Commission … announced plans for comprehensive new laws that have in their sights the massively popular website [Facebook]….

Underscoring its new powers under the Lisbon Treaty and the legal basis given to the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the commission said it wants to create “a clear, modern set of rules” guaranteeing a high level of personal data protection and privacy….

Mentioning Facebook, Myspace and Twitter by name, [EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media] Ms Reding said she will start this year with a revision of the 1995 Data Protection Directive….” [link added by LawPundit]

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Jewish Law and Constitutional Interpretation : David Friedman cited at Three Jews, Four Opinions

We are a bit late on this December 3, 2009 posting at Three Jews, Four Opinions, but we nevertheless wanted to put in a reference to David Friedman on Jewish Law and Constitutional Interpretation:

“David Friedman has an interesting set of posts on Jewish Law and Constitutional Interpretation and And For the Real Enthusiasts in Jewish Law, A Story. He discusses some of the broad ‘interpretive’ techniques of the Talmud and compares them to American constitutional interpretation.

There are some interesting differences between the structures of Jewish Law and Anglo-American Common law.”

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