Progress on Patent Reform in the European Union (EU)

James DeGiulio writes at Patent Docs in Europe Takes Step Closer to Single EU Patent and Patent Court that:

“On December 4, 2009, the European Competitiveness Council unanimously adopted a legislative package designed to create a single EU patent and EU patent court….

The reform proposal still needs to undergo an official review by the European Council and the European Parliament … [and] the European Court of Justice has yet to deliver an opinion on the compatibility of the patent court and draft agreement with EU treaties. This opinion is expected at the earliest by summer 2010.”

Also in the EU, the wheels of patent legislation turn slowly.

US Patent Reform Agreement Allegedly Finally Achieved in the U.S. Congress

Diane Bartz for Reuters reported from Washington on February 25, 2010 at Tentative US patent reform pact reached [acc. to] Sen. Leahy writing that:

“Leading U.S. lawmakers have reached a tentative agreement to reform the nation’s patent system, said Senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Judiciary Committee and a leader in the effort.”

That report was updated by Bartz with more details at UPDATE 2-Tentative US patent reform pact reached-Sen. Leahy where she writes:

“[S]ources working on the issue said that the bill would require judges hearing patent infringement cases to play a gatekeeper role in helping identify appropriate damages.

The measure also gives the patent office the authority to set its own fees, said the sources, who asked to speak privately since they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

One has to be cautious about expecting anything this field since a nearly identical report of Congressional progress was made nearly one year ago, with little result.

The wheels of “comfortable” government and Congress itself sometimes seem to move slower than USPTO patent applications, and THAT is slow.

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