Don’t Worry About the U.S. Economy, It is in the Right Hands: The Talents of the Jews and Jewish Contributions to the World

So, you worry about the U.S. economy? I don’t. The Obama Administration has seen to it that the best economic brains available – are available. Obama is a smart man. His economic team is very heavy on Jewish members.

The Tel Aviv Cluster by David Brooks at the New York Times focuses on some facts about the Jews that should be repeated regularly by mainstream media to its readers, rather than concentrating on political problems in the Middle East that are to a large part an indirect result of past failings by the West itself in permitting the Holocaust to happen and in not putting down their foot against totalitarianism when they should have done so, rather than waiting for the catastrophe of WWII to happen. We may, today, be in a similar situation.

Brooks states those facts about the Jews as follows:

“Jews are a famously accomplished group. They make up 0.2 percent of the world population, but 54 percent of the world chess champions, 27 percent of the Nobel physics laureates and 31 percent of the medicine laureates.

Jews make up 2 percent of the U.S. population, but 21 percent of the Ivy League student bodies, 26 percent of the Kennedy Center honorees, 37 percent of the Academy Award-winning directors, 38 percent of those on a recent Business Week list of leading philanthropists, 51 percent of the Pulitzer Prize winners for nonfiction….

The most resourceful Israelis are going into technology and commerce, not politics. This has had a desultory effect on the nation’s public life, but an invigorating one on its economy.

Tel Aviv has become one of the world’s foremost entrepreneurial hot spots. Israel has more high-tech start-ups per capita than any other nation on earth, by far. It leads the world in civilian research-and-development spending per capita. It ranks second behind the U.S. in the number of companies listed on the Nasdaq. Israel, with seven million people, attracts as much venture capital as France and Germany combined.”

I have often stated that half of anti-Semitism is rooted in ignorance, and the other half in envy, and that is still my opinion today. A man of equal intellect would tend to view the Jews as equals. I myself am not Jewish, but if other peoples on our planet had equal talents, the world would be a much more civilized place.